Slingshot Rally GT V2 2021 PROGRESS / CONTROL / RELAUNCH

Slingshot Rally GT V2 2021 Kite Description

"Rally GT V2 2021 Details: TThe evolution of the RALLY GT sees the kite’s design dialed up to be even more user friendly with improved turning speed, upwind performance and water relaunch. Simply put: If you’re looking for maximum freeride versatility, this is the kite for you.

  • The ultimate all-around crossover kite
  • The easiest kite for learning and progressing
  • Optimized for turning speed and upwind ability
  • Water relaunches quicker than any kite in our range
  • Infinite range and versatility

For more information visit: SLINGSHOT Rally GT V2 2021

Second Hand Product Details

  • Not necessarily from the same year as mentioned on this page
  • Contact for more details (e.g. condition, price)