Mystic Accessories 2021 Quality Neoprene

Mystic Wetsuits 2021 Description

Gloves: Supreme - Looking for a bit more finger dexterity? Check out our Supreme 5 finger glove. Having a Precurved 5MM shape, this glove puts an end to cramping forearms. With all of the benefits from the Lobster 5mm, a layer of Knitflex is added to the knuckles for extra freedom of movement. You can also strap on a Removable Velcro wristband to tighten things up to your liking.

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Shoes: Majestic - Toasty toes or a bit more flex? Both the 5mm and 3mm Split-toe boot are lined with Knitflex on top and Flaremesh on the inside. The Double pull loop makes putting your boots on a breeze. We've also supported the Majestic with a reinforced heel, so your feet stay in place within the boot. And don't worry, these boots also come with our fine Hex-grip lite soles.

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Second Hand Product Details

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