Enthousiastic Instructors!

Learn to kitesurf in a fun way with enthousiastic instructors for all levels!

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Welcome to Challenge Kitesurfing!

Learn to kite in only 3 days!

Kitesurfing might seem like a difficult/dangerous sport to learn but with the right basics and instruction you will be gliding over the water in near to no time!

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Second hand equipment

Cheap second hand kites, boards, straps, bars, lines and more! Also full equipment sets to get you started fast & cheap!

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Kitesurfing Vacation

We also offer the opportunity to join us on a kite vacation! This will most likely take place in Tariffa where the wind blows strong and we have contacts to facilitate our stay. Go through the basics of kiting quickly or push your current level as you wish!

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General information

Welcome to the website of Kitesurf School Challenge! Kitesurfing is a water sport that has become very popular recently. It is a sport that has rapidly developed compared to other sports. Kitesurfing is a sport where the surfer stands on a small surfboard and lets himself be pulled forward by a kite. Kitesurf School Challenge has instructors on staff who are IKO certified. this means that our school guarantees safety and expertise. IKO certification is recognized worldwide as the most efficient and professional way to learn kitesurfen.We guarantee that Kitesurfschool Challenge can provide you with a safe, friendly and professional environment to learn the basics of kite surfing.